Synthetic Turf sold and installed right here in COLORADO SPRINGS, CASTLE ROCK and PUEBLO, Co

Stop wasting your time and money on your dead lawn

Turf gives your money back:  You'll see a return within 5-7 years from your water & upkeep costs alone!
Turf  gives you peace of mind:  Do you have kids and dogs playing in the same small area?  Grass is Gross! Turf is easy to clean, holds up to dogs, is soft, cool & safe for kids.
Turf gives you less work:  Keeps the inside of your home cleaner by keeping dust and dirt down.  Go ahead and keep your windows open!
Turf gives you a break:  Weekends are meant for fun and rest - Turf allows you to have that time again!

Adds value and beauty to your home

Turf is worth the investment:  How many times have you re-sodded?
Turf gives you curb appeal:  Future buyers look for turn key properties, especially those coming from California where Turf is widely accepted & enjoyed.
Turf gives you easy keep:  Turf still looks great after the renters have moved out.
Turf gives you the garden you've always wanted: Turf lets you focus on your tulips & tomatoes, petunias & peas...

Dominion’s Turf lasts 10-15+ years, when the time comes to replace it the ground underneath will already be ready to go and all you’ll need it another blanket of turf and infill. Get a rebate with Dominion Turf!

Grass Takes, TURF GIVES! so stop wasting time & money on grass that isn’t giving back, make the switch to synthetic with Dominion Turf!