5 Ways You Can Save With Artificial Grass

5 Ways You Can Save With Artificial Grass Are you tired of worrying about your lawn? Is it taking too much time to keep up with the maintenance needed for a natural grass yard? Are you looking for an alternative that will save you time, water, and money? If so, then artificial grass might be the [...]

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Try These 8 Ideas for an Artificial Turf Landscape

Try These 8 Ideas for an Artificial Turf Landscape If you are tired of the constant mowing and watering that your yard takes to look beautiful, maybe it is time to consider installing a residential artificial turf instead. Your yard will have the curb appeal you desire without the ongoing work. If you are not [...]

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Types of Artificial Grass You Can Select From

Nothing can damage the curb appeal and aesthetic appearance of a home more than grass that's browned and withered. No matter how often you mow and tend to your yard, brown spots are common problems that can create long-lasting headaches.  It's possible to bypass these problems altogether by having artificial grass installed in your yard. [...]

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Why You Need Turf in Your Colorado Springs Yard

Maintaining the outside of your Colorado Springs home takes work. Depending on the other responsibilities that you have, it may feel like you don’t have time to give your yard the care that it needs. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on outdoor maintenance while still having one of the best-looking lawns [...]

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Will My Turf Get Hot?

Will My Turf Get Hot? The fact is -YES- turf will get hot The Solution Is - Hydrochill Hydrochill is an evaporative cooling system developed by Shawgrass that is proven to significantly reduce the temperature of your turf on those extra sunny summer days!  This patented and time-tested technology provides a cool comfortable environment for your toes, [...]

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