What Is Envirofill?

Envirofill is a cooler, cleaner and consistent infill material that provides the most durable, clean and safe artificial turf surface with the lowest maintenance on the market. At its core, Envirofill is round sand that is then coated with acrylic. The acrylic coating encapsulates the sand completely which means a virtually dust-free product. Envirofill’s coating is also infused with Microban, antimicrobial technology which helps prevent mold, mildew and bacteria that can cause odors.

Envirofill is pet friendly, people friendly and environmentally friendly. It consists of American-made non-toxic components, making it the favorite infill option for backyards, playgrounds, putting greens and any other turf application.  The reason Envirofill is proving to be the infill of choice is the combination of safety, low maintenance and durability. It’s roundness, safety, aesthetically pleasing color and antimicrobial properties makes it a no-brainer when comparing it against using regular silica sand for your turf project.

Top 4 Reasons Envirofill Stands Out:

  • Clean: Microban prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. This especially helps when your pup does his business on your lawn as Envirofill will be proactively preventing those microbes from producing those pesky urine odors.
  • Low Maintenance: Envirofill is the lowest maintenance infill for your installation. Its round shape resists compaction and its high bulk density helps it stays in place. That means it won’t float, migrate, or fly away so you won’t have to continue to add more infill.
  • Safe: Envirofill is 100% non-toxic. It has been put through numerous tests and certifications and passed with flying colors. Knowing it has been installed in thousands of yards across America should keep your mind at ease knowing your kids and pets will be safe running and playing on turf installed with Envirofill.
  • Aesthetics: Envirofill’s rich green color helps keep the artificial turf surface looking more lush-looking and green for longer. All in all, it provides a more aesthetically-pleasing surface so your investment stays beautiful for years to come.

Envirofill is great for these applications:

  • Pets: Envirofill is the #1 infill for those who have pets. Each grain’s coating is permanently infused with an antimicrobial technology called Microban. Microban helps reduce pet urine odors by up to 99 percent!
  • Residential lawns: Envirofill helps your lawn look green, lush and perfect even in the hottest summer months, without the need for watering, cutting or heavy-duty maintenance.
  • Commercial installs: Envirofill with artificial turf removes the high cost of maintenance and care from commercial properties as well, providing a welcoming sight for anyone who visits your building.
  • Putting Greens: The supportive features of Envirofill are the perfect fit for putting greens, which normally require extensive watering and maintenance to keep just right. Golf balls roll perfectly over Envirofill every time.
  • Playgrounds: Envirofill is great for playgrounds because it provides a safe surface on which kids can play. When paired with the correct shock pad, you can have peace of mind in the safety of your children at play.
  • Rooftops/Pool decks: Artificial turf with Envirofill installations are perfect for rooftops or pool decks, which often take more maintenance due to weather conditions or exposure to water from the pool. You won’t have to worry about Envirofill moving around or tracking and you can stay focused on enjoying the outdoors.
  • Recreation fields: Envirofill is great for recreation and athletic fields, too. In fact, it is installed at more than 150 sites across the country and serves as the preferred infill for New York City Parks & Rec, San Diego Parks & Rec, and Denver Public Schools.


Envirofill Bead Close Up

Turf With Sand vs Turf With Envirofill