When you choose to install the Highland artificial turf you’re choosing one of the most realistic looking synthetic turfs available in Colorado Springs (the other being the Summer Rye turf.)
The Highland 80 has a combination of 4 colors including a green and beige base curl to make the look and appearance almost as real as it gets! This turf has great recovery and is the best option for the most demanding ware and tear.
If you want your yard or garden looking wonderful year-round, this 1.97″ pile height is soft to the touch, UV resistant, suitable for any type of climate and non-toxic.
Height: 1.97″
Weight: 108 oz/syd
Warranty: 15 year product warranty
STOCK: STOCK goes fast! 3-5 days to order
Durability 90%
Softness 100%
Realism 75%
Afforability 80%
Pet Friendly 60%