Artificial Turf for Dogs? 5 Commonly Asked Questions

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial Turf for Dogs? 5 Commonly Asked Questions

Maintaining a beautiful grass yard can be a ton of work, especially if you have dogs. You might be surprised just how realistic artificial turf looks and how easy it is to maintain even with dogs.


Is It Safe for Dogs?

Yes, artificial turf is 100% safe for dogs! Quality artificial turf is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear from doggy nails and teeth. Dogs are unable to dig through artificial turf, so there is no risk of ingestion or injury. At Dominion Turf, we offer a filler that can be put in the turf to help prevent the smell of urine.

In some ways, artificial turf is safer for dogs than traditional grass. Turf doesn’t require dangerous chemicals to maintain, unlike a weed-free yard.


Will It Smell?

Artificial turf is designed to allow water — and urine — to seep through it and then drain away. Unless your dog continues to urinate daily in the same exact spot, there is little risk of smell from your pet’s pee.

Poop, however, will not break down on the artificial turf. It has to be physically removed from the surface. Just pick up the poop like you normally would!

Regularly spraying your turf with water can prevent any dog smells from lingering. The amount of water needed to clean your turf is still significantly less than it takes to keep grass green, especially in the dry Colorado climate.


Does It Get Hot?

In direct sunlight, turf can become hot. But we have a solution for that!

We offer a solution called Hydrochill that helps turf remain cool even in hot temperatures. This patented topdressing traps moisture and slowly releases it. The evaporation cools the turf to protect your pup’s paws.

If it’s a hot day, wet your turf with a mister or sprinkler, and your doggo will be just fine.


How Should It Be Cleaned?

This might be the biggest concern you may have about turf: How do you clean it?

Dog owners will need to remove any solid waste from the surface of the turf. After that, a quick spray with the hose should be all you need to clean your turf regularly.

If you find that any pet odors linger, spray the turf we offer a spray solution to help. Allow it to dry, and the solution should lift the smell.


Can Dogs Damage It?

Turf is tough! It would be virtually impossible for your dog to damage an artificial turf lawn. It is way easier for a mischievous digger to ruin your grass lawn than an artificial turf lawn. Artificial turf also won’t discolor from dog waste like a natural lawn can do.

Overall, an artificial turf lawn is a wonderful option for dog owners. There is less maintenance to achieve that always-green, perfect look. Honestly, we bet your pampered pooch won’t even notice the difference.