Backyard Oasis: Installing Putting Greens

Installing Putting Greens in backyard

Backyard Oasis: Installing Putting Greens

Regardless of whether you’re sitting at your desk or on your back deck and daydreaming about hitting golf balls, you’re not alone. Time limits prevent many from playing golf after work, and you have to be speedy if you want to book a tee time over the weekend. However, there are options for those who want to hit golf balls daily. Read more to learn more about transforming your backyard into an oasis with putting greens. You’ll be happy to learn that they’re easy to acquire!

Putting is an essential part of your overall golf game. That’s why people practice putting more than any other part of their game. At least 43% of the strokes taken involve putting during a regular golf game. In addition to being an essential part of the game, golfers know that they can’t dominate unless they have a good putting game.

Golfing can relieve stress, improve your competitive edge, and build character. That’s why transforming your backyard into a putting green is a fantastic way to improve your swing and increase your family time outside.

Preparing Your Backyard

There are several steps to getting your backyard ready for a putting green. Some of these steps include:

• Determining the size of your greens. Look at the total square footage of your yard and determine how much putting green you want.
• Determining if prep work (like leveling the ground or filing hole) should be done beforehand.
• Considering all the details that will make your backyard feel like a course, including the fringe for chipping.
• Determining the estimated cost. That will depend on the size of your putting green area and the materials used.
• Assessing whether your backyard has drainage issues.
• Consulting professionals who have a reputation for installing putting greens. They will explain the process and work to make your yard a place to play your golf game on safe turf.

Additional Details to Consider

Your backyard putting space will change the landscape of your backyard. Therefore, as you transform your backyard into an oasis for golf, you’ll need to think about some details besides how soon you can start swinging your golf club.

• How much time does your family spend in the backyard?
• Will you grow flowers, have a swing set, or have other items of interest in your backyard?
• Will the space encourage your creativity?
• Will it be a space for entertaining as well as golf?


As you can see, golfing is a great way to relieve stress and build character. One of the best things that homeowners who love golf can do is install a putting green in their backyard. Not only will they practice golf yearly, but they will also have a permanent oasis right beyond their back door. If you consider adding greens, let this guide motivate you to act on your wish. Contact us at Dominion Turf to learn more!