The Artificial Turf Guide for Homeowners

The Artificial Turf Guide for Homeowners

In recent years, artificial turf has become very popular among Colorado Springs homeowners; and for good reason. In the dry Colorado climate, it just makes sense. In order to choose the right artificial turf, you’ll need to know what to look for. A turf’s appearance matters. It should look like real grass rather than plastic. Also, it should be soft and supportive for pets and children. These are the basic requirements. You should carefully consider them while you’re hunting for yard turf.

Artificial Grass Differences

The most common artificial grass materials are:

1. Nylon

Nylon is the strongest artificial grass material.

2.  Polyethylene

Polyethylene has a bright green color, and it’s softer than nylon.

3. Polypropylene

Polypropylene doesn’t have the durability of other materials, but still looks great and is the most affordable material.

At Dominion Turf, we have the following piles:

1. Short piles

Short piles are less than 30mm tall.

2. Medium piles

Medium piles range between 30mm to 37mm.

3. Long piles

Longer piles are greater than 37mm.

Dominion Turf’s Synthetic Grass Options

At Dominion Turf, we offer a range of synthetic grass options. We organize by our Realistic Turf options and Durable Turf options. The technology behind all our synthetic grasses is complex, but in short, the Realistic Turf options are the common and affordable backyard grass types. Our Durable Grass types are even more impressive and commonly used for sporting fields, golf courses, and dog kennels. Take a deeper look at all of the grass types we offer on our website.

The following grass types are among our most popular artificial grass types:

All Seasons Turf

All season turf will stand out in your front or backyard. It’s very lush and soft, so it’s great for outdoor games and picnics. If you take care of this turf, it will grow tall every year. This grass is one of the softest varieties around and it looks very real. Unfortunately, if you have a hyper dog, there are better options for you.

Highland Turf

Highland turf is worth considering if you need options for your lawn. It’s available in four appealing colors that mimic actual grass. This turf has a good recovery rate, and it’s extremely soft and very affordable. Highland turf has one potential weakness. With the material being more affordable, the final display of the material may look artificial next to a high-end turf.

Deluxe Turf

Deluxe turf will look wonderful in front of a modern home. From a cosmetic standpoint, it can compete with any natural lawn in a neighborhood. This turf has two big selling points. It will feel comfortable underneath your feet, and its non-plastic appearance will elevate your curb appeal. A Deluxe turf is affordable, pet-friendly, soft, and durable. It’s obvious why it is a favorite.

Essential Features for a Pet-Friendly Turf

If you are turf shopping with a dog in mind, you must consider these 3 Pet-Friendly Turf features:


A great turf for a dog needs to be hefty and strong for play to occur. An obvious advantage to artificial turf instead of real grass is the fact that your pets cannot tear up the yard creating mess and the stress of a destroyed backyard.

An artificial turf for a puppy must have a fully permeable backing. It’s your only defense against pet urine odors. Assuming your dog will habitually use the turf as their bathroom break location, this feature is essential.

Pile Height

The pile height needs to be low. With a one-inch pile, cleanup will be easier whenever your pet goes potty. From our realistic turf options, the Altitude Turf offers a 1.75 inch height and the Deluxe Turf at 1.6 inches which are both great height options for pets! For extra active or energetic dogs, browse our Durable Turf options such as our Multi Sport/K9 Turf.

If you are considering installing artificial turf in your yard, business, or sports field, give us a call. We’d be happy to guide you through your options and assist in selecting the best artificial turf for you!