Nothing can damage the curb appeal and aesthetic appearance of a home more than grass that’s browned and withered. No matter how often you mow and tend to your yard, brown spots are common problems that can create long-lasting headaches. 

It’s possible to bypass these problems altogether by having artificial grass installed in your yard. Once you install this grass, you’ll no longer need to mow every week and use ample amounts of water just to keep your lawn in good condition.

Artificial Turf Near Me Colorado SpringsWhat Is Artificial Grass? 

If you’ve never used artificial grass in your yard before, you may not know that this grass uses synthetic fibers that are made to appear like real grass. When you’re searching for artificial turf in Colorado, it’s important to understand that artificial grass is a more realistic and practical alternative when compared to sod. It also has a better appearance.

While natural grass requires upwards of 60 gallons of water for every square foot on an annual basis, a lawn made from artificial grass doesn’t need water to survive. While real grass will eventually die without proper care, it’s possible for artificial grass to last for at least 20 years. During that time, the artificial grass will maintain its color.

If you’re interested in artificial grass, there are three materials that you can select from, each of which has its own benefits.


Nylon is the strongest material you can choose for your yard, which means that it will retain its shape even in areas where high amounts of foot traffic occur. Nylon is unique in that the material can withstand very high temperatures, which ensures that the blades don’t melt when exposed to consistently high temperatures. Because of these characteristics, you’ll find that nylon tends to be relatively expensive when compared to other forms of artificial grass. Speak with our artificial turf company in Colorado Springs to identify if this material is right for you.


As for polypropylene, this material has a very thin texture, which is why the material is among the most affordable that you can choose for your yard. Despite how low the costs are for polypropylene, its appearance is similar to real grass. Polypropylene is a lightweight material that’s very popular for the creation of home putting greens. Keep in mind that this material isn’t that durable or resistant to heat, which means that you may need to replace it more often when compared to nylon. 


This synthetic material is ideal if you want your yard to look like real grass. Along with having a bright green appearance and soft blades, polyethylene is resilient and can withstand high temperatures and high amounts of foot traffic. It’s common to combine polyethylene and nylon when creating an athletic field. While you’ll still need to brush and rake your polyethylene yard from time to time, additional maintenance requirements are nonexistent.

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