Why Pick Turf Grass Over Natural Grass with Children?

Pros to artificial grass with children

Why Pick Turf Grass Over Natural Grass with Children?

Artificial turf looks like natural grass when well installed. When you install artificial turf, you reduce runoff and prevent soil erosion. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf better reduces the force with which water flows, allowing enough time for the water to be absorbed by the soil. Besides reducing the flow of water and filtering it, turf also reduces soil erosion in your yard or playground. Here are some of the advantages.

1. Low Maintenance

You do not need to mow, weed, or fertilize artificial turf. In most cases, the rain will wash away all the dirt from the grass, and if that does not happen, you only need a quick spray-down to keep the turf clean. After spraying the turf, it drains fast and efficiently, leaving no mud. Your kids can play on the turf immediately after a heavy downpour.

Plus, you never have to wait for the grass to grow. The process of installation is quick, and the turf will serve you for up to 20 years after installation.

2. Free of Toxins and Allergens

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies. These allergies are triggered by grass and pollen from other plants. If you or your child suffers from allergies, you cannot play on the grass. The materials used to make artificial turf are hypoallergenic and toxin-free.

3. No Injuries and No Mess

The best playground surfacing material should be safe. Kids love to jump, spin, climb and run. As such, the play area needs to be safe. When you have jungle gyms and other playground equipment, you need playground surfacing that guarantees the safety of your kids. Turf is soft and absorbs the impact from a fall. Inevitable falls will not lead to injuries and kids can jump as much as they want.

Natural grass is unforgiving during inevitable falls as it doesn’t absorb shock. Other surfaces, such as mulch, gravel, wood chips, and sand tend to cause severe injuries. When well installed, the turf protects kids from falls from up to 10 feet high. You never have to worry about grass stains or mud as the ground is all covered.

4. Great Look All-Year Round

If you do not want to close your playground for routine maintenance, install artificial turf. The turf looks green, lush, and appealing without the need for maintenance. It doesn’t require watering or mowing to look appealing. As long as you protect it from burning, it will keep its look for many years to come.

Rubber surfaces look good, but they tend to harden in the summer sun and turn brittle in winter. Artificial turf stays cool all year. Natural grass turns brown and ugly in summer. Pick artificial turf and you have an appealing lawn every day.

5. Safe for the Environment

Artificial turf doesn’t need mowers and trimmers, allowing you to cut on your carbon emissions. Furthermore, you never have to water your lawn, and this helps you save on water consumption.

Artificial turf is great for your play area. Your kids will be home clean every day as the turf doesn’t hold any dirt. When you opt for artificial turf, your yard will be ready for use within a day instead of waiting for years for grass to grow. If you’re ready to go with artificial turf, contact us at Dominion Turf.