Will My Turf Get Hot?

The fact is -YES- turf will get hot

The Solution Is – Hydrochill

Hydrochill is an evaporative cooling system developed by Shawgrass that is proven to significantly reduce the temperature of your turf on those extra sunny summer days!  This patented and time-tested technology provides a cool comfortable environment for your toes, tots and tail-waggers to enjoy! It has been used for years on professional athletic fields to keep players cooler!

Hydrochill is an infill Dominion Turf offers as a topdressing. We apply it after the turf has been installed using a drop spreader for even disbursement, walking and filling the entire area of your turf.

On those extra hot days when the sun is directly overhead, mist your turf or turn on the sprinklers for a few minutes. The Hydrochill will store the moisture and slowly release it though evaporation. It is the same process our bodies use when sweating. During the slow evaporation process, the heat is removed and leaves a much cooler and more comfortable surface.