Your Artificial Grass Can Last All Year Long

Your Artificial Grass Can Last All Year Long

Your Artificial Grass Can Last All Year Long

One of the reasons people choose man-made turf is that it requires little to no care. Real grass usually goes dormant during part of the year, depending on the climate in which you live. Artificial grass is made to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Even in locales where snow piles up by the foot, your artificial grass will be as attractive as when you purchased it once the thaw comes.

The material of your man-made turf is the main reason it’s so long-lasting and weather-resistant. Polyethylene and nylon are usually used in the manufacturing of synthetic grass. These components make the grass waterproof and resistant to many types of weather. 

Wintertime and Your Artificial Grass

Summertime might bring more action to your yard, but wintertime has its draws, too. Snow angels, snow forts and snowmen all contribute to wintertime activity on your turf. You know that by investing in artificial grass, it will still be as realistic looking and aesthetically pleasing in the winter as it is in the warmer months.

Even when snow is not part of your wintertime, your artificial turf will withstand cold to freezing weather and will usually not crack or break. Frost might be a danger to your real grass, but synthetic turf holds up to the coldest weather. 

Reasons to Choose Man-made Grass

Artificial grass will save you time and money that you would likely be spending on real grass and its upkeep. Your free time can be spent enjoying your yard instead of fertilizing, mowing and other lawn-care activities necessary for a well-maintained area. 

Helping to Save the Environment With Artificial Grass

Your use of synthetic turf means that you will no longer put the environment at risk with fertilizers and pesticides. Not only are the fumes potentially harmful to animals and people, but the ingredients of some fertilizers and pesticides also emit poisonous gases that contribute to the breakdown of the ozone. Most companies that produce artificial turf recognize the importance of helping the environment, and part of that is by using green methods in their manufacturing.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it will not grow. You will not need to mow your lawn. Using a gas lawn mower is also detrimental to the environment.

Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass in Winter Months

Even with all the benefits of synthetic grass, it still might need some special care during cold weather. Depending on where you live, you may need to use some of the following methods of care to keep your artificial grass in good condition.

  • Use a plastic snow shovel rather than a metal one if you need to shovel areas where you have synthetic grass.
  • A broom with soft bristles is the best choice when sweeping off areas of artificial grass.
  • Large areas of artificial grass might best be cleared with a snowblower rather than a shovel to lower the risk of harming the turf with a shovel blade. 

When you choose artificial turf for your yard, you will give yourself the gift of time. Time spent with your family will also add to the well-being of the environment. No longer will you need to spend your valuable time tending to problems with your lawn every cold season. Contact Dominion Turf today to learn more.