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Dominion Turf exists to provide the most realistic, beautiful and practical alternative to sod.

If you want the artificial grass that will fool the neighbors and comes with a lifetime installation warranty we’ve got it!

All of our products are safe, non-toxic and made of the highest quality materials. Our whole team has a passion to provide the very best for you and will not compromise.

Dominion Turf only installs the best! We have higher standards and regulations when it comes to the materials and processes used to make the turf safe for your family, pets and the environment. Our products are certified lead-free!
We only offer RealTurf and Shawgrass because they are the best preforming turf for Colorado. With our crazy weather and temperature fluctuations as well as a high human to pet ratio- the turf we install HAS TO PERFORM! This is why we offer a LIFETIME INSTALL WARRANTY- we expect the turf to last so our install must too!
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Our job is to make the process enjoyable and easy for you! Isn’t that the entire point of having Turf?!

Meet The Owner

Ryan Hurd
Ryan HurdOwner

Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd is a hard working family man who loves Dominion Turf. His enthusiasm about the success of Dominion Turf goes beyond just having a career that allows him to be a provider.

Dominion Turf is a family fortified operation in which Ryan’s sister (Danielle) is the founder. There’s a great amount of family pride and care that goes into the overall love of the business on every project from start to finish. As the new owner, Ryan meets with every customer face to face. He walks through every detail and helps you to visualize your new dream yard. His goal is to transform the area from an old space of weekend work to your new place of relaxation and enjoyment. Easy to talk to, Ryan will build you up and share his confidence in the ability of Dominion Turf to give you that ‘above and beyond ‘ experience.  Finally, a yard that is both beautiful and useful from a company made of people who mean it.

Ryan is a Colorado Native who graduated high school from ECA many many many years ago.  He then attended college at UCCS, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. He is happily married to his wife Beth, with a beautiful one year old daughter (Brooklyn) and nine year old son (Noah.)  While juggling life, Ryan still finds time to have fun. He loves entertaining at his beautiful home, shooting hoops and taking the occasional stroll with his long board skateboard around the block. Pets are a must with this guy. He has two dogs and a taunting cat. The dogs love chasing each other and play fighting on his turfed backyard, which can be pretty fun to watch. He may not be able to smell or taste, but he will always be able to see the vision of Dominion Turf. Ryan believes that your home should be your sanctuary…. and he lives up to just that.

Our students are really enjoying the improvements Danielle and Dominion made to our playground. It was an important job for us and practically doubled the usable space of our playground. The turf is maintaining itself nicely. Great install with service that was on time and responsive during the install. Thanks again, Dominion!

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Our Team

Danielle Pietrucioli
Danielle PietrucioliFounder

Project Manager, Lewis






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