turf Colorado springs


Altitude is our latest product. Mix of wave + D + S shape monofilament fibers and curly fibers with root effect technology which keep the monofilament fibers straight. Its high density fibers provide plush looks and soft touch. It’s characterized for its tan riber making it look more realistic.

Altitude is special for gardens, backyards with pets, around swimming pools and balconies. Its high drainage technology will prevent puddles and flooding. It is the perfect choice for those who want their Colorado Springs lawns not to look very green and too perfect.

Height: 1.75″
Weight: 95 oz/syd
Warranty: 15 year product warranty
STOCK: STOCK goes fast! 3-5 days to order
Durability 90%
Softness 100%
Realism 90%
Afforability 80%
Pet Friendly 85%