All Seasons


A Colorado Favorite!
All Seasons is Dominion Turf’s “double-take” turf.
Along with the  Highland Turf, the All Seasons is another very realistic artificial turf option that we offer at Dominion Turf in Colorado Springs. Once installed you may catch your neighbors kneeling to verify its synthetic majesty. One of our most realistic and natural-looking artificial turf grass styles. At 1.5″ of fiber the blades are a mix of “D” + “S” monofilament fibers and curly fibers to give the turf a rustic native appearance without looking overgrown. It has high density providing a lush look and soft touch!  All Seasons will be sure to grow on you year after year.
Height: 1.57″
Weight: 60oz face/sq.
Warranty: 15 year product warranty
STOCK: STOCK goes fast! 3-5 days to order
Durability 90%
Softness 100%
Realism 75%
Afforability 80%
Pet Friendly 60%

“…We could not believe how real the Summer Rye looked installed! We caught our neighbors walking their dog, reach down and touch it to verify it was real…how funny.”