Multi Sport / K9


Strongest Turf Choice! This turf can handle the traffic of multi-purpose playing fields and is also an excellent choice for all of your K9 needs like dog runs and dog kennels. Choose multi-sport for your commercial projects including school playgrounds, indoor gym and sports training areas and in heavy traffic common areas.
Height: 1.18”
Weight: 70 oz face, 105.4 total
Warranty: 15 year limited residential and 10 year limited commercial warranty
STOCK: In stock
Durability 100%
Softness 40%
Realism 40%
Afforability 75%
Pet Friendly 100%

“We hired Dominion Turf to install Multi Sport turf on our entire playground. The kids love it and even after a typical Colorado afternoon rain shower the area is still conducive for recess.”