Best Seller! Dominion Turf worked directly with V and Carlos at Real Turf Manufacturing to create Deluxe-A most natural rich green grass colour, dense lush feel to the fingers and ‘D’ shaped blade profile providing enhanced durability to be enjoyed all year. Deluxe’s de-lustered appearance reduces shine and that plasticy look. This versatile turf is engineered for any residential application and the end result is a perfectly landscaped look.
Height: 1.6″
Weight: 70 oz face, 96.5 total weight spec details, rating system with bars?
15 year product warranty
Durability 75%
Softness 90%
Realism 80%
Afforability 75%
Pet Friendly 75%

“ What a huge transformation! My yard went from weeds and pretty much dirt to a place I love to come home and relax in. I also noticed my 2 Labs don’t get as much backyard debris in their coats anymore either. After seeing the Deluxe sample I didn’t look at any of the others. I knew it was ‘the one’ and I love love love my new backyard”