For those who LOVE short grass! No more overgrown, out of control jungle…Celtic is the perfect green, perfectly manicured, perfect pick for any residential landscaping project. If you like your lawn to look like it was trimmed by hand with scissors -this is the turf for you!
A sturdy “C” shaped blade profile is ideal for pets and the shorter fibers make doodoo duty fast and easy. A clean, classic, urbane appearance wont demand attention from your neighbors but will trick them into thinking its real!
Height: 1.4
Weight: 39 oz face, 73.23 total
Warranty: 15 year limited residential warranty
STOCK: In stock
Durability 80%
Softness 60%
Realism 70%
Afforability 80%
Pet Friendly 80%

“…we have lived in our home for over 20 years and finally decided put artificial turf in the front and back. Why did we not do this sooner? The amount of time I don’t have to spend on yard work and weeding reminds me I actually am retired!…our water bill is less too..and being snowbirds its nice to be able to leave and not worry about upkeep, now we can just go!”