Commercial Turf

Focus on your business, not your grounds!

Dominion Turf has a complete commercial turf division specializing in every application from school playgrounds, daycares, indoor sports training facilities, multi-purpose play fields, K9 training and boarding facilities, to sprucing up the exterior of your business. Artificial grass in commercial applications requires far less maintenance than sod, is exceedingly more durable and ensures a usable, beautiful, green environment all year.

Choosing Dominion Turf will enhance the first impression your business makes to everyone. Consider how much time you spend at work? Why should it not be a beautiful, inviting space for you, your employees and customers to enjoy too! Is your establishment into saving water and being more resource conscious? Go extra green when you choose synthetic grass. We offer commodity turf and installation options to help your business “green-ify” on a budget.

Synthetic grass turf is a perfect solution to water restrictions and drought issues.

Depending on how much additional water you use to keep your lawn and outdoor living spaces green and clean, you can expect to see a return on your investment in as little as 4 years.  Save water for things that matter more than having a long green grass. At Dominion Turf we have hand selected every style in our collection for realism, durability, affordability, softness and pet friendliness. Dominion Turf has even worked directly with mills to design certain products such as Deluxe, Master and Hercules Elite.

Make the switch to synthetic grass on your playground – Here’s Why!

Kids can play outside on turf year round, no mud, no grass or dirt stains and a softer, cleaner place to let all that energy out! We have an assortment of impact-rated cushions for underneath play places with fall zones and a variety of infills which go on top, into the turf providing antimicrobial properties, impact rating and a cooling effect.

Antibacterial Infill and so much more…

Do you need a durable, easy to clean space for lots of dogs? One with built in drainage to make deodorizing and cleaning your kennel quick and easy… Let all the pups out to play in a dirt free, dry, durable space which can easily double as a beautiful training area. Synthetic turf is perfect for doggy-daycares, K9 training facilities and areas specifically for your furry friends! Use our turf refreshers and cleaners (that smell just like fresh cut grass )to keep these areas looking and smelling great. All installs are complete with non-toxic, Envirofill infill with Microban to mitigate ammonia odors and eliminate mildews and molds.

The Microban will not walk, wash or wear off and has a 16 year warranty.

All of our turfs come with a 10 year limited commercial warranty and undetectable interlocking seaming method making even your commercial install beautiful and natural looking. Improve the bottom line of your business by eliminating the costs associated with natural grass maintenance. No more expensive mowing, aerating, fertilizing, re-sodding and resolving irrigation issues. Turf is a creative and beautiful solution to places it may be hard to get grass to grow such as rooftops, steep slopes, heavily shaded, treed or trafficked areas.

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