Vibrant & Versatile- Manager’s Pick! One of our favorite products and similar to Deluxe with more vibrant green saturations. This style is a combination of all the appealing properties belonging to our other styles- making it the Master of the collection! Uncompromising “C” shaped blades are strong for high use areas, 1 1/2″ medium blade length creating a well kept natural looking lawn and kaleidoscope of grassy shades to blanket your yard with beauty.
Height: 1.576″
Weight: 65 oz face, 90.64 oz total
Warranty: 15 year limited residential warranty
Durability 80%
Softness 70%
Realism 70%
Afforability 80%
Pet Friendly 80%

“ ..the Master style is the bomb! My dogs are outside all day and having turf makes cleaning up after them much easier and I am actually inclined to do it more frequently. I am surprised at how much more time I spend in my backyard now…”