Try These 8 Ideas for an Artificial Turf Landscape

If you are tired of the constant mowing and watering that your yard takes to look beautiful, maybe it is time to consider installing a residential artificial turf instead. Your yard will have the curb appeal you desire without the ongoing work. If you are not sure how to use artificial turf for landscaping your home, check out these ideas below.


1. Highlight Garden Beds

Your artificial turf will look fabulous when alongside your planting beds full of gorgeous flowers. It will look even better if the beds have a nice brick border. Add plants and flowers with a variety of shapes and sizes to add visual interest.


2. Feature Your Patio Area

You love your patio for the cookouts and parties. Won’t it look great with that beautiful lush artificial turf alongside your patio? Imagine how proud you will be the next time friends come over for a party and see your lovely green, perfectly manicured lawn. Add a bit of color, and it will command attention.


3. Emphasize Walkways

Can you imagine how good your stone or concrete pathway will look with the beautiful green artificial turf surrounding it? Better yet, there is no more tracking in mud and grime into the house to have to clean up.


4. Up Your Curb Appeal

Adding turf to your driveway is an easy way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Add it to the sides to help define your driveway, or add it on the driveway itself for a unique look.


5. Create a Pattern With Concrete

Make an exciting pattern using concrete squares and turf. You can even make it look like a chessboard or a checkerboard. Maybe even a tic-tac-toe board that you can use for family fun outside. Place the squares of turf and concrete to break up the yard around other landscaping.


6. A Spacious Green Lawn

There is nothing wrong with just having a beautiful lawn that spans across your yard. A lawn that is lush and green sometimes is more than enough.


7. Make a Kids’ Play Area

Make your children an area using turf to play on. Create a safe spot for small children that is thorn-free for tiny bare feet.


8. Create a Mini Golf Course in Your Yard

Create a family miniature golf course using turf grass. Make small holes in the turf with a cup in the holes to catch your golf balls. You’ll spend hours of fun outdoors with the whole family.

Artificial turf is easy to take care of. It allows you to spend more time with your family and less time doing yard work while still having pride in your home. With hundreds of ways to design and use turf for your yard, you can create your own special space. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us at D