4 Safety Tips to Follow When Having a Fire Pit Around Turf

You can create memories with family and friends by sitting around the fire on a relaxing night. However, if you have turf in your backyard, you may feel nervous about having a fire around. Here are some quick safety tips to consider when having a fire pit around turf.

1. Never Leave Fire Unattended

You may feel tempted to leave the fire unattended for a moment if you need to go inside. However, if an accident happens, you will not be there to minimize the damage to your turf.

If you have to go inside, don’t go in groups. Instead, make sure that at least one person stays outside with the fire. If you are alone, do your best to bring everything you need outside with you before you even start the fire.

2. Build the Fire Pit Off of the Actual Turf

If you create a fire directly on the turf, it can melt it. This will not only look bad, but it also costs money to repair down the line.

It’s important to create a place for the fire off of the turf. Your pit should be made of brick, gravel, and/or stones. Be sure that these materials are not in direct contact with your turf as this can lead to turf damage.

3. Keep Flammable Materials Away

Do not keep anything flammable around the fire. While this may seem obvious, there are some items that you may not think about when having a fire, such as the book you’re reading.

To take extra precautions, keep your fire at least 10 feet away from any wooden structure. It is actually preferable to extend this distance to 25 feet. It’s also best to store your extra wood in a specially designed shelter built in a location that is convenient but still far enough away from the fire to keep you and your turf safe.

4. Completely Extinguish Fire

Once you finish having your fun, it’s important to completely extinguish the fire before you head in for the night. Many large fires occur after everyone goes in for the evening, thinking that the fire was out.

With no one there to keep things under control, the burning embers can spread and melt your turf. To ensure the fire is completely out, wait until the fire starts to naturally burn out. Then, spray the pit with water as needed.

Even if you take all the proper precautions, you may experience some burn marks on your turf. You should regularly check your turf for burn marks or melting and get maintenance as needed to keep your turf looking great. If you have any questions about maintaining your turf, reach out to us at Dominion Turf.