4 Safety Tips to Follow When Having a Fire Pit Around Turf

fire safety on turf

4 Safety Tips to Follow When Having a Fire Pit Around Turf 

Imagine the enchanting scene: a crisp Colorado Springs evening, the laughter of friends and family mingling with the gentle crackle of a comforting fire. Such
moments hold a special place in our hearts. Yet, if your backyard boasts the beauty of turf, you might ponder the compatibility of fire and this lush grass. Fear not! We’re here with insightful safety tips, tailored to Colorado Springs residents, for hosting a fire pit on your precious turf.

1. Never Leave the Fire Unattended: A Lesson in Vigilance

While the allure of momentarily stepping indoors is strong, the consequences of an untended fire can be significant. Picture this: an unexpected mishap harming your pristine turf. To avert such possibilities, if you need to pop inside, ensure that a responsible individual remains with the fire. When flying solo, gather all necessities before igniting the flames to avoid disrupting the serenity.

2. Mind the Gap: Building Your Fire Pit

Directly placing a fire on your delicate turf can result in unwanted damage—both to the visual appeal and your budget. Instead, create a designated fire pit area using materials like brick, gravel, or stones. Maintain a safe distance between these elements and your turf to shield it from harm.

3. Smart Stowage of Flammable Items: A Necessity

In the midst of fire-side relaxation, flammable items might slip your mind. Beyond the obvious culprits like books, consider every potential risk. Elevate your vigilance by positioning the fire at least 10 feet away from wooden structures—a precautionary distance that could extend to 25 feet for added safety. Safeguard your extra wood in a specialized shelter, close enough for convenience but far enough to shield you and your turf.

4. The Final Act: Ensuring Fire Extinction

As the night winds down, guarantee that the fire is thoroughly extinguished before bedtime. Many unfortunate incidents occur post-evening, when the fire is presumed to be out. Avoid this pitfall by allowing the fire to naturally subside and then using water to douse any remaining embers. This way, the risk of spreading and turf damage becomes negligible.

Even with the utmost care, signs of wear might emerge on your turf. Regularly inspect your lawn for signs of burns or melting, and act promptly to maintain its pristine beauty. For inquiries about safeguarding your cherished turf in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Dominion Turf for a quote. We’re your local experts, dedicated to ensuring your outdoor haven remains splendid and secure—a reflection of both your style and the captivating essence of Colorado Springs.