Whole Sale Turf For Colorado Landscapers 

Whole Sale Turf For Colorado Landscapers

Landscapers are in the business of growing beautiful lawns. This then begs the question: Why would landscapers consider wholesale turf options Colorado Springs when they’ve been trained to grow and maintain live lawns?

This is a good question, one that we often get from the landscaping professionals we work with. It may even be a question you have. Because it’s such a common question, we’ve decided to address it in this blog.

In Addition To, Not Instead Of

Here’s the thing about landscape professionals. Many of them have spent years in school, studying subjects like horticulture, pest control, sustainability and more. Installing artificial grass may or may not have been a part of their curriculum.

Suffice it to say that we’re not suggesting that local landscapers in Colorado Springs stop working with live grass. On the contrary, we suggest adding turf installation to their lawn care repertoire. In the sections following this, we’ll cover more of the whys in detail.

For now, we’ll stick to the basic premise of this section of the post. That is, from a momentary standpoint, it just makes sense for you to offer more goods and services to your clients. Laying down turf in a client’s backyard could be just as much of a service as laying down sod is.

Adding this service broadens the number of clients you could potentially serve. It could even be something that makes you stand out next to your competitors.

Additionally, if you were to purchase the turf at wholesale prices (just like you do sod), you would enjoy a greater profit margin.

Finally, while there is some maintenance to turf, it’s way less than it is for a lawn. The clients for whom you install turf will still need a landscaper for shrub, tree and flower care and even for turf care.

Still, this likely means that there will be less hours in labor for a turf client. This would allow you to take on more clients and make more money.

How Landscapers Can Sell This Service to Clients

1. Small Lawns Benefit From Turf

An article in House Beautiful offers one reason why some homeowners prefer turf to sod: small, shady backyards. Grass that spends most of the day in the shadow of mature shade trees doesn’t grow very well.

Homeowners who have small, shaded backyards can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful green lawn if their landscaper installs turf. Turf looks green year round and comes in a variety of colors from apple green to shamrock green.

It’s also easy for you, the landscaper, or the homeowner to maintain. A leaf blower gets rid of fallen leaves. A squirt of the hose from time to time takes care of other debris.

2. Environmental Concerns

We already mentioned that landscape professionals concern themselves with sustainability.

For some, this means being able to install gravel or bark in place of a lawn. For others, this means adding native plants that don’t require much water. For the landscaper who can install turf, this means substituting turf for live grass.

From a client perspective, this serves a couple of purposes. People who have grown used to having grass in the backyard aren’t always ready to give up the manicured lawn look.

If you install green turf for them, you satisfy both your clients’ need for a green backyard and their desire to care for the environment. Additionally, there are ways to keep turf cool, making it a viable option in place of a rock garden.

3. Pest Control

Most people love the dog days of summer. What they don’t love are the lawn fleas that come with the dog days of summer. We’re talking about summer bugs, of course.

The short of it is, turf helps homeowners cut down on the amount of pests they get in their lawns. Most bugs feed on plants and plant byproducts. If there are fewer plants in the yard, there are fewer bugs.

Turf also reduces a secondary issue that attracts bugs: standing water. While you can spray off your client’s turf from time to time to keep it clean, it won’t require the amount of water that a live lawn requires.

By reducing the amount of water that’s sprayed on the lawn, you reduce the amount of standing water on the lawn. Less standing water equals fewer buzzy, biting bugs like mosquitos.

4. Pool Fun

Most people who have pools love them. What they probably don’t love is the hot concrete on their feet once they exit the pool. If you have clients who have pools, then you might suggest adding turf around the pool.

The turf feels cooler on the feet than the concrete does. It also provides a bit of protection against slipping and falling.

Aside from this, it’s a beautiful addition to what’s likely already a lovely backyard.

Final Words About Wholesale Turf for Landscapers

In this post, we’ve addressed why you, the landscaping professional, should consider adding turf to your list of services. First and foremost, it could mean more money in your pocket. Offering turf installation could be just as lucrative as offering sod installation is.

Second, if you purchase the turf wholesale, then you’ll earn a great profit margin. This adds more to your business’s bottom line without you needing to increase prices on the client side.

Third, turf can be an easy sell to clients if you know why they’d appreciate having turf in the backyard. We’ve mentioned a few here, but in reality, there are more (like it’s great for pets, too).

All in all, adding turf to your lawn care services offers a number of benefits to you and your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about wholesale turf options Colorado Springs, contact Dominion Turf today!