New Synthetic Turf Designed by Dominion Turf in Colorado Springs

New Synthetic Turf Designed by Dominion Turf

New Synthetic Turf Designed by Dominion Turf in Colorado Springs

Dominion Turf Company is thrilled to announce our newest synthetic turf to our local community
of Colorado Springs!

Altitude Turf by Dominion Turf Company

The Altitude Turf by Dominion is the ultimate option to best match Colorado’s natural landscapes, giving our customers the option to keep their yard looking natural without having to deal with a grass lawn on their commercial or residential property. We partnered with Realturf USA to produce a highly durable, realistic, and environmentally friendly synthetic turf to bring the best turf to our Colorado Springs community. Our Altitude Turf was made specifically for Colorado yards.

Characteristics of Altitude Turf

The blend of earthy colors of two tones of green combined with a green and beige curl that comprises our Altitude Turf boasts a realistic aesthetic. Its long and soft blades give a beautiful, natural look to any landscaping project in Colorado Springs. Plus, kids, pets and others who love to walk barefoot around their yard will love the plush feel of our Altitude turf – almost as if it were real grass.

The pile height of the Altitude Turf is 1.75 inches, creating the look and feel of a soft yet well maintained yard similar to a freshly mowed grass lawn. Our newest luxury turf is a tough match against paw and foot traffic, making it durable and long-lasting.

We believe our Altitude Turf is special. It is a modernized, professionally designed and produced turf to bring the look and feel of a healthy, beautiful yard to your home or business. Our Altitude Turf will look clean and natural upon installation and is built to remain looking green for many years to follow. Use our Altitude Turf on your garden, backyards, pet play areas, kid play areas, around balconies or swimming pools, and along walkways to give your outdoor space a fresh, new look. Our Altitude Turf is crafted to not look very green and too perfect, which makes this one of our best and most realistic looking turf options for Colorado yards.

Safety of Altitude Turf

The turf is made to repel bacteria and remain non toxic, leaving our customers with complete
reassurance that the Altitude Turf is safe for kids and pets to play. It is also non flammable. The Altitude Turf has a high drainage technology that is designed to prevent puddles and flooding during Colorado’s rainy seasons and snowmelt periods. Our teams at Dominion also created Altitude Turf to be tested and certified as a zero waste product so our customers in Colorado Springs can feel better about the synthetic turf they are installing in their yard. Our Altitude Turf is also 100% recyclable.

Why Synthetic Turf is Best for Colorado Springs Yards

Dominion’s Altitude Turf adds to our list of durable turf options we stock and install in Colorado Springs. Visit to explore other turf options offered by Dominion. A synthetic turf yard means no dirt, mud or other messy elements to track from the yard into the house. Other benefits of installing synthetic turf on your property include less water usage, no need for harmful pesticides, and saving time and energy on minimal yard work compared to a grass lawn. If you are ready to take the step towards a synthetic turf yard, we would love to help with your next outdoor project. We stock, install, and repair synthetic turf in Colorado Springs and provide free estimates. Visit our website or call us at 719-271-9593 to schedule your turf installation today!