Backyard Turf Is Perfect for Play Areas

Backyard Turf Is Perfect for Play Areas

Backyard Turf Is Perfect for Play Areas

Kids want to be outside. Fresh air, running around, and playing with other kids is an important part of childhood. To help ensure all young children can enjoy being outside, it’s important to have a safe place for them to play. Dominion Turf can help you create a practical place that will keep them safe. Keep reading to learn why artificial turf is a great playing surface.

Backyard Turf Is Easy to Maintain and Safer Than Traditional Grass

With artificial backyard turf, lawn maintenance is easier to handle. With our professional installment, synthetic grass won’t get divots or holes that could pose hazards to young children playing. If parents are worried about children falling and getting hurt on the turf, eco-friendly foam padding can be installed to cushion the impact of trips and falls. A sod alternative also lends itself well to a variety of playtime options including:

  • Bocce
  • Mini-golf
  • Safe bike riding

Synthetic Grass Is Great for Kids with Allergies

The outdoors are a great place for kids. But kids with allergies might suffer from the elements. Synthetic grass in play areas helps alleviate allergies, so kids can play without the worry of runny noses, watery eyes, or rashes. Mold and mildew, other allergens that can affect kids, won’t hold onto synthetic grass like they do natural grass, so those allergens can be basically eliminated as well. If pollen is what gets your kids sneezing and makes their eyes water, you’ll be glad to know that backyard turf doesn’t allow pollen to settle in it. So, kids are much less likely to be affected by pollen in play areas with synthetic grass. 

There’s No Need for Toxic Lawn Ingredients

As mentioned above, synthetic grass doesn’t require much maintenance, which means there’s no need to expose your kids’ play area to pesticides or other chemicals that are required to keep natural grass free of insects and pests. Backyard turf is made with non-toxic chemicals and is lead-free, so kids can play as long as their hearts desire without the risk of chemical exposure. 

Enjoy Cleaner Play Clothes Thanks to Artificial Grass

Another bonus of opting for a sod alternative in your kids’ backyard play area is cleaner play clothes. Getting dirty and being sweaty are often badges of honor for kids playing outside, which also means muddy, stinky, and grass-stained clothes. With backyard turf, however, parents will have much less to deal with. No grass stains, no mud stains, and less rips and tears in shirts and pants. 

If you’re in the Colorado Springs, CO, area, contact Dominion Turf to learn more about practical, beautiful, and realistic backyard turf for kids’ play areas. Our artificial grass is safe, bright green, and customizable to include a variety of outside play options. Even better, our artificial turf comes with a lifetime installation warranty.