Dominion Turf’s Comprehensive Guide to Artificial Turf Installation

At Dominion Turf, our focus is on creating lush and vibrant artificial turf landscapes for you in beautiful Colorado Springs. If you've recently installed artificial turf or are considering it for your property, you're in for a world of green, low-maintenance bliss! In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to [...]

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Can Turf Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions in Colorado?

Maintaining a beautiful lawn in Colorado can be challenging due to the state's extreme weather conditions. From scorching summers to freezing winters and frequent hailstorms, natural grass often struggles to withstand these elements. However, homeowners have an alternative: turf. In this article, we will explore the resilience of turf and its ability to endure [...]

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Create a Drought Tolerant Landscape in Colorado Springs

Climate change and the need to conserve water have increased the demand for drought-tolerant gardens over the past few years. Creating landscapes that consume less water will help to ensure that you have a beautiful backyard all year round. Here are some tips for creating a drought-tolerant landscape. Plant Trees Planting trees in your [...]

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The Artificial Turf Guide for Homeowners

In recent years, artificial turf has become very popular among Colorado Springs homeowners; and for good reason. In the dry Colorado climate, it just makes sense. In order to choose the right artificial turf, you’ll need to know what to look for. A turf’s appearance matters. It should look like real grass rather than [...]

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Will My Turf Get Hot?

Will My Turf Get Hot? The fact is -YES- turf will get hot The Solution Is - Hydrochill Hydrochill is an evaporative cooling system developed by Shawgrass that is proven to significantly reduce the temperature of your turf on those extra sunny summer days!  This patented and time-tested technology provides a cool comfortable environment for your toes, [...]

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